We believe how we work is just as important as what we deliver.

Our offering Identity for the Organization is a three-part journey we take clients on to discover, express and embody their true identity.

Identity gives organizations unity and clarity to unlock endless growth in their business and people.


Unity & Clarity

We start by leading you through a discovery process to get clear on who you are. We use three simple, yet, profound questions. Why do you exist? How do you create? What do you provide? The findings help us craft your unique story and connects you to the customers you serve and the communities you impact.

Identity Discovery

The due diligence process articulating the different elements of your identity – why you exist, how you create and what you provide – by reviewing existing content and conducting immersive working sessions

Strategic Positioning

Materials to package your identity for external audiences highlighting what you offer and your position in the market

Master Narrative

A cohesive story that connects all the elements of your identity into one set of clear messaging

Strategic Graphic

A holistic visual that outlines your product and/or services portfolio and compliments your master messaging


Amplification & Connection

Knowing your identity allows you to share a powerful, authentic message to the world. Once you have the words to express yourself, it’s time to deliver tailored messaging that inspires audiences to action and connects you with the communities you impact.

Audience Engagement Strategy

Holistic plan and key messaging for sharing your identity across stakeholders

‘Who We Are’ Package

Presentation, video and brochure that explains who you are to be used across audiences

Customer & Market Communications

Strategy and a package of materials to clearly communicate who you are and what you offer

Marketing & Social Media Campaign

Concept, content and plan for sharing your message across channels to connect with different audiences


Momentum & Stability

Embodiment is when you’re ready to take aligned action. You begin to realize there are old ways of working that no longer fit the new you. This requires a shift. We create the conditions you need – resources, processes, and structure – to ensure your organization can deliver on your vision.

Identity Assessment

Analysis of your current ways of working to pinpoint the conditions needed to support your growth

Roadmap & Activation Plans

Plan and package of resources to empower your team to shift decision making and ways of working at scale

Performance Metrics & Scorecard

Scorecard that allows your organization to redefine your definition of success and track meaningful progress over time

Leadership Conferences & Employee Offsites

Strategy and content for creating experiences that align and unify leaders and teams

BizLove supports our team with marketing, culture, strategy, and commercial activities. We rely on our partners to be able to work cross-functionally and work alongside our teams. They have become a trusted partner having done both successfully while supporting us with numerous critical efforts. Two things stand out for us: First, their ability to span from strategic conversations to targeted execution. Second, their genuine care about our people and company that we see expressed in how they act as sparring partners and are not afraid to challenge us.

— Kathrin Munz, Head of Services & Products, Genioo AG