We are Storytellers & Strategists

As part agency, part consultancy, we provide clients with integrated solutions and holistic support to mobilize transformation and enable organizations to deliver on priorities.

Our strategic positioning and cross-functional transformation strategy offerings incorporate the following solutions:

Strategic Clarity

We crystalize the why, what, and how behind the change so that you can clearly articulate your vision and priorities to all stakeholders and take aligned action.

Discovery & Due Diligence

The due diligence process of clarifying strategy and articulating the different elements of your organization's identity – why you exist, how you create, and what you provide – by reviewing existing content and conducting immersive working sessions

Positioning Strategy

Materials to package your strategy for external audiences highlighting what you offer, the story you tell, and your position in the market

Master Narrative

A cohesive story that connects all the elements of your organization's identity and strategy into one set of clear messaging

Strategic Graphic

A holistic visual that outlines your product and/or services portfolio and compliments your master messaging

Organizational Enablement

We identify the critical needs of your organization and support you to mobilize your organization. Our co-creation and train-the-trainer model sustains long-term results.

Audience Engagement Strategy

Holistic plan and key messaging for sharing your strategy across internal and external stakeholders

Roadmap & Activation Plans

Plan and package of resources to empower your team to shift decision making and ways of working at scale

Leadership Conferences & Employee Offsites

Strategy and content for creating experiences that align and unify leaders and teams

Performance Metrics & Scorecard

Scorecard that allows your organization to redefine your definition of success and track meaningful progress over time

Commercial Readiness

We accelerate the ability to bring new concepts to market through market research, customer engagement strategies, and building brand recognition and differentiation, so you can drive long-term commercial success.

Customer & Market Communications

Strategy and a package of materials to clearly communicate who you are and what you offer

Marketing & Social Media Campaign

Concept, content, and action plan for sharing your message across channels to connect with different audiences

Employee Toolkits

Materials to enable your commercial and sales teams

BizLove supports our team with marketing, culture, strategy, and commercial activities. We rely on our partners to be able to work cross-functionally and work alongside our teams. They have become a trusted partner having done both successfully while supporting us with numerous critical efforts. Two things stand out for us: First, their ability to span from strategic conversations to targeted execution. Second, their genuine care about our people and company that we see expressed in how they act as sparring partners and are not afraid to challenge us.

— Kathrin Munz, Head of Services & Products, Genioo AG