Global Performance Materials Organization

Helping a global materials manufacturer realize their potential at a pivotal moment

M & A

Potential Market Size

~$32 billion

Employees Impacted


Complex Problem.

A global 350+ year old B2B performance materials organization with expertise in the EU and Asia were looking to grow their operations in the US. They acquired a high-growth chip manufacturing company located in the mid-west and needed a strategic change and communications partner to support them in the integration journey.

Simplified Solution.

We delivered an external communications package for customers and investors to explain the specifics of the deal and strategic importance of the acquisition. We worked cross-functionally in the global integration office and developed a change strategy that covered people, processes and technology to support the two companies coming together.

Internal enablement was key to the success of the program, as the executive leadership team and organization model was re-built to support the newly integrated organization. BizLove was an integral contributor in every facet of change, culture and communications as it related to the M&A and Integration Program Office.

Key Deliverables

Leadership workshop
Manager toolkit
Investor materials & press releases
Change strategy & playbook
Day 1 launch event

Real Impact.


Integrated organization across people, process and technology


Positioned to capitalize on long-term growth in the Electronics industry


Delivered on investor/capital market promises


Unified culture and values

Why Identity for the Organization made the difference

When two organizations become one, it’s essential that work is done upfront to define a new identity as one integrated organization. In this project our work helped them define the identity and discern the needs teams had to not only deliver on the deals targets and objectives – but also to realize their full potential and deliver sustainable results.