Identity Driven Method

Ambitious organizations are in a state of constant change. 

Their ability to accomplish big goals is dependent on how well they integrate new pieces of their strategy into who they are without losing focus, momentum and stability.



When an organization is undergoing growth or enterprise transformation, a shift in identity occurs.
We use identity to help organizations understand who they are & who they aspire to become in this season of their business.





Identity is just the start. The power comes when you align and integrate it into your organization.

Identity In Action

To align and integrate identity into an organization, we guide our clients through a three-part approach.


Once we creating strategic clarity, we take an inside-out (what the organization needs) and outside-in (what the market needs) approach to solving problems, placing equal emphasis on providing for people and delivering profit.


Our Process


Organizational Enablement

We identify the critical needs of an organization to help mobilize for change and build the tools needed to assist in transformation. Our co-creation and train the trainer model sustains long-term results.

Strategic Clarity

We clarify the change story for an organization – and connect it to the why, how & what so every stakeholder can be informed and inspired to take aligned action.

Commercial Readiness

We accelerate the ability to bring new concepts to market through market research, customer engagement strategies, and brand differentiation to deliver commercial readiness and customer success.

Leading with Identity, our unique IP and proprietary process, we use this lens to design tailored activities and services to support organizations through all parts of their change journey.