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storytellers & strategists

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in New York City, BizLove is a team of ambitious problem solvers driven to change the landscape of the business world today.

The greatest opportunities and biggest challenges facing business today sit at the intersections of functions – customer experience, data, sustainability, DEI, social impact. 


They require cross-functional solutions. We are passionate about delivering holistic, integrated solutions that actually move the needle.


We are building a premier consultancy with new perspectives on transformational leadership.

We exist to serve leaders within organizations that have the capacity to change the world. We offer the multifaceted teams these leaders need to deliver on their most ambitious goals.

Ambitious goals that are going to change the world, don’t come with paved roads or lamp posts. We are the original creators and tenacious builders who carve it out with you. We take care of your vision and empower you to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

What makes us different.


Improved Efficiency. 

We provide a single point of contact for consulting & creative services, allowing us to operate fluidly and at speed.

Higher Quality Delivery. 

We bring top talent under one roof to provide a more cohesive approach while reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.

Better Collaboration. 

As one partner, we can work closer with your team to better understand your needs, resulting in a more tailored approach.​

Cost-Conscious Service.

Our pricing structure accounts for both agency and consultancy rates while streamlining your administrative fees, contracts, and payments into one.

As part agency and part consultancy, our integrated business and talent model enable us to deliver real value for our clients.

Our Services


Our team is sourced from “Big 4” consulting, Fortune 500 companies and the most respected creative agencies in the world.



Diane Hare

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Krejci

Chief Product Officer

Terry McMullen

Head of Research & Development

Taylor Purvis

Head of Commercial

Lise Keeney

Positioning Strategist

Verena Stark

Engagement Strategist

Andrea Bernhardt

Content Strategist

Caroline Baker

Content Strategist

Devin Alvarez

Project Manager

Matthew Carlson

Operations & Finance Specialist


Collin Ullman


Eliza Van Zoeren


Jennifer Taylor


What Our People Are All About



Big challenges don’t scare us, they excite us. We serve big business but we’re also building a consultancy from the ground up.


We are a team of givers who’ve learned how to depend on each other. We leverage each other's diverse strengths to do big things.


We take matters into our own hands. We bloom, we shed and we walk through the fire when the season calls for it.


We are here for the good, the bad and the ugly. Being solid for each other is what gives us the courage and stamina to be solid for our clients.