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About BizLove

We are a consulting firm that provides organizations services to discover, express, and embody their identity.

We have a vision of a world where people wake up feeling free.

They join organizations that align with who they truly are and, together, do good for the world.


There are two ways to create change. Through the heart of the individual or the system they operate in. We believe to make sustainable change, both must happen together.

To help deliver sustainable change, we created identity.

We don’t just mean your brand. Identity answers the question “who are you?”

Identity encompasses:

Why you exist


How you create


What you provide

Our offering Identity for the Organization is a three-part journey we take clients on to discover, express, and embody their true identity.

Identity gives organizations unity and clarity to unlock endless growth in their business and people.


BizLove has a unique ability to bridge storytelling and strategy which allows them to create cohesive experiences across internal and external stakeholders. In particular, their support for the last 3-years on our annual leadership conference has brought unity and clarity to our global team during a phase of high-growth and transformation. When we have a must-win project that requires execution and people enablement support, BizLove is a go-to partner our ours.

— Edward Shober, Executive Advisor to CEO and EVP, Head of Strategy & Business Transformation

BizLove supports our team with marketing, culture, strategy, and commercial activities. We rely on our partners to be able to work cross-functionally and work alongside our teams. They have become a trusted partner having done both successfully while supporting us with numerous critical efforts. Two things stand out for us: First, their ability to span from strategic conversations to targeted execution. Second, their genuine care about our people and company that we see expressed in how they act as sparring partners and are not afraid to challenge us.

— Kathrin Munz, Head of Services & Products

BizLove has been supporting our multi-phased business transformation journey for over 3 years now. Their ability to weave storytelling, strategy and execution together has made a tremendous impact in communicating the success of these programs. BizLove works well with our internal teams and excels in a fast paced, dynamic, and high-pressured international environment. Their insights and creativity across the culture, change and brand topics provided our leadership team with the tools to communicate what the future of will look like. They are a trusted partner for Merck Electronics.

— James Stewart, EVP, M&A Integration, Business Development and Restructuring

BizLove has a rare skill for using storytelling to strategically align and position our business. They excelled at working cross-functionally to create a clear storyline that tied our purpose, culture and strategy together. They are a trusted partner when we have high-visibility projects that require our leadership and organization to be aligned around a strategic direction.

— Alexandra Wendt, Head of Global Reputation & Board Positioning

“Cultural anthropologists, archetypal psychologists, brand strategists, and storytellers that is what BizLove is made of.”

— Claude Silver, Chief Heart/People Officer

BizLove’s storytelling capabilities drove a new sense of clarity across my leadership team. Their ability to understand our product & services in a short period and write simple yet strategic content is top-notch. As a result, our product portfolio is positioned in an elevated way, and our customer base can clearly see the value we deliver.

— Les Peterson, CoFounder

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