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About BizLove

We’re a strategic consultancy that supports organizations during seasons of great change – whether that is high growth, transformation, or downsizing.

We support leaders in making critical decisions at the transition points while helping teams stand up and execute enterprise-wide priorities, together. 


Our storytelling capabilities mobilize internal and external stakeholders so that they can deliver & sustain the change.

Our ability to span both storytelling & strategy to deliver solutions that serve people and the bottom line – makes all the difference during high-paced, high-visibility moments.


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High Priority Moments of
Growth & Transformation

Sector Change & Category Cration

Sector Change & Category Creation

Product & Service Launches

Product & Service Launches



New Leadership Appointments

New Leadership Appointments

Reorgs & Expansion

Reorgs & Restructuring

Strategic Priorities

Data & Digital Transformation

Data & Digital Transformation

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability & ESG


Culture & DE&I


Sales & Incentives

Safety & Governance

Safety & Governance


Who We Serve: 


Who we serve is connected to what we do. Our clients are visionaries and trailblazers in their own right. Their first thought is not “What expertise do I need to outsource this to?” but instead “Who do I trust to make this happen with me?


We work side-by-side with clients and become deeply integrated into the organizations we serve.


Our holistic “systems” mindset makes us a great match for leaders who are entrusted with enterprise-wide priorities that need coordinated strategies and pointed execution plans. Clients call us when they are standing on the precipice of something big – mergers, launches, repositioning, high growth, pre-IPO, restructuring.


"BizLove has a unique ability to bridge storytelling and strategy which allows them to create cohesive experiences across internal and external stakeholders. In particular, their support for the last 3-years on our annual leadership conference has brought unity and clarity to our global team during a phase of high-growth and transformation. When we have a must-win project that requires execution and people enablement support, BizLove is a go-to partner of ours."

— Edward Shober, Executive Advisor to CEO and EVP, Head of Strategy & Business Transformation

"BizLove supports our team with marketing, culture, strategy, and commercial activities. We rely on our partners to be able to work cross-functionally and work alongside our teams. They have become a trusted partner having done both successfully while supporting us with numerous critical efforts. Two things stand out for us: First, their ability to span from strategic conversations to targeted execution. Second, their genuine care about our people and company that we see expressed in how they act as sparring partners and are not afraid to challenge us."

— Kathrin Munz, Head of Services & Products

"BizLove has been supporting our multi-phased business transformation journey for over 3 years now. Their ability to weave storytelling, strategy and execution together has made a tremendous impact in communicating the success of these programs. BizLove works well with our internal teams and excels in a fast paced, dynamic, and high-pressured international environment. Their insights and creativity across the culture, change and brand topics provided our leadership team with the tools to communicate what the future of will look like. They are a trusted partner for Merck Electronics."

— James Stewart, EVP, M&A Integration, Business Development and Restructuring

"BizLove has a rare skill for using storytelling to strategically align and position our business. They excelled at working cross-functionally to create a clear storyline that tied our purpose, culture and strategy together. They are a trusted partner when we have high-visibility projects that require our leadership and organization to be aligned around a strategic direction."

— Alexandra Wendt, Head of Global Reputation & Board Positioning

“Cultural anthropologists, archetypal psychologists, brand strategists, and storytellers that is what BizLove is made of.”

— Claude Silver, Chief Heart/People Officer

"BizLove’s storytelling capabilities drove a new sense of clarity across my leadership team. Their ability to understand our product & services in a short period and write simple yet strategic content is top-notch. As a result, our product portfolio is positioned in an elevated way, and our customer base can clearly see the value we deliver."

— Les Peterson, CoFounder

"BizLove was my partner in designing and facilitating a two-day workshop to kick-off my newly integrated customer experience & market engagement team. They built a two-day intensive hands-on experience with thoughtful pre-work that dropped us into the conversations we needed to have. We left with team ownership, clear priorities and a roadmap of tangible next steps."

— Janice Paquette, Head of Client Experience & Market Engagement

"I had the privilege of working with BizLove during their partnership with MilliporeSigma, where they played a vital role in our strategy and marketing efforts, notably in launching our new contract services offering. BizLove's strategic guidance was invaluable, paving the way for transformative change. I wholeheartedly recommend BizLove for their exceptional contributions and strategic insights, which were integral to our success."

— Brenda Prost, Digital Marketing Manager

“If you do it right, being a leader is hard. When you are leading through change, it often takes all of you to help your team move to the vision. BizLove is the partner I turn to when I need to have a counterpart to help clarify my vision, when I need someone to help me materialize what i’m thinking and when I need a team to help the organization move through the motions of change. Being a leader is hard but it is so rewarding if you put in the effort and choose the right partner for the journey.”

— Georgina Janvier, Head of Communications & CEO Office

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The best solutions don’t happen in a silo. Our diverse talent delivers integrated solutions that actually move the needle.

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