Global Life Science Organization

Equipping a legacy biotech company to reintroduce themselves and set the foundation for growth

Product Launches & Rebrands

Potential Market Size

~$105.5 billion

Employees Impacted


Complex Problem

After making significant investments in their capabilities, a life science services and manufacturing organization needed to create a clear and compelling brand for the services, products and technologies they provide their clients.

Simplified Solution

BizLove created a go-to-market strategy and launch campaign that amplified their integrated service offering. To generate awareness in the market we developed a fresh new brand and brought it to life through a digital marketing campaign and new website.

BizLove also refined the capabilities presentation and value proposition pillars to ensure their portfolio was positioned in the right way and their commercial teams were equipped to drive client conversations.

Key Deliverables

Brand positioning
Sales & capabilities presentation
Digital campaign concept & visuals
Website wireframes

Real Impact


Crafted a unique brand launch experience at their site opening in the EU


High impressions and click-rates on launch video


SEO optimized website and high return on investment for paid media


Prepared commercial team for client conversations

Why Identity for the Organization made the difference

Identity during this re-brand and new service offering launch was what bridged their heritage with a modern offering – to not only attract a new type of emerging biotech leader but also show the depth and experience a partner like them could provide.