Global Healthcare Company

Helping a pharmaceutical company align their organization around a common purpose and strategy

Strategic Positioning & Leadership Alignment

Potential Market Size

$47.5 billion

Employees Impacted

~17,500 employees across 150 countries

Complex Problem

A global healthcare company launched their annual strategy with a new ‘big idea’ that left employees with questions, needing further clarity. They needed a partner that could sit between their strategy and communications teams to extract and simplify the different elements of their strategy. At the same time, they had a desire to re-activate the purpose statement and use it to re-focus employees on what’s truly important.

Simplified Solution

BizLove supported the team by developing master messaging and deliverables to further refine and clarify the elements of the annual strategy. We then aligned the executive teams around one master story that connected the company’s purpose, culture and strategy so that the different enterprise priorities felt connected to the bigger picture.

Lastly, the global roll-out plan ensured the different functional teams received the unity and clarity they were looking for.

Key Deliverables

Annual strategy master messaging
Purpose statement refinement
Communications roll out plan & toolkit

Real Impact


Alignment across the executive team


Qualitative feedback that the strategy materials were well received


A newly articulated and activated company purpose statement

Why Identity for the Organization made the difference

When there is big change – a company’s identity is forced to adapt. If it is not done with clear communication and intention – teams can get lost. Taking the time to discover what elements are new and how they fit into what’s existing, will ensure you can communicate it clearly enough for employees to understand and mobilize against it.