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Consulting Services for Executives.

Because Leaders need Leaders too.

LUNA Leaders

You’re an executive and have big ambitions for yourself and everything you touch.

You know the answers are inside of you but sometimes you cannot access them alone. That’s where LUNA for Leaders comes in. When you find yourself stuck or at complex crossroads, we are your partner to extract clarity and deliver tailored materials to put things in motion.

High priority moments, such as a new leadership appointment, beginning a new fiscal year, M&A, restructuring, launches, layoffs, rapid hiring, etc. are when people will look to you for the answer.

Leadership Activation Package Includes:

  • Pre-work survey to extract key information
  • Five 1:1 facilitated sessions
  • Defined immediate next steps
  • Creation of summary materials

We often cover the following topics: Your identity and positioning as a leader, strategy development & clarification, and positioning & engagement tactics for key stakeholder groups.

Package Details

Leadership package rate begins at $3,000
*To be customized according to leader’s needs & ambition

We help you meet these defining moments with radical clarity.

By using our holistic business design system, LUNA for Transformation™ we act as your strategic sparring partner to help you articulate and position what’s in front of you. By taking a 360-degree holistic view, you’ll be able to both tell the story and mobilize the strategy to bring your ambition to life.

Key Outcomes:

Unity around team mission and scope of initiative.

Clarity on both the root problem the initiative solves and who the initiative serves.

Momentum and stability as you chart the path by identifying immediate next steps.

What Our Clients Say

“If you do it right, being a leader is hard. When you are leading through change, it often takes all of you to help your team move to the vision. BizLove is the partner I turn to when I need to have a counterpart to help clarify my vision, when I need someone to help me materialize what i’m thinking and when I need a team to help the organization move through the motions of change. Being a leader is hard but it is so rewarding if you put in the effort and choose the right partner for the journey.”

— Georgina Janvier, Head of Communications & CEO Office

"We love working with Susan. She's made a huge difference for me in catalyzing the important work in my first 90 days."

— Lauren Baker, CEO

Teams are only as clear as their leaders are. Have you found the clarity you need to lead in this season of change?


Reach out to our team member Caroline to set up a free 30-minute consultation to explore how LUNA for Leaders can unlock the next level of your success.

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Meet your Facilitators

Diane Hare

Diane Hare


Diane is the CEO and Founder of BizLove. She creates strategic solutions that are holistic and deliver for both people and the bottom line. She started her career in Big 4 Management Consulting helping F500 clients transform their organizations.

As a corporate strategist and natural storyteller, Diane couples strategic narratives with consulting techniques to help leaders drive unity and clarity across their organizations and into the marketplace. You can count on her to articulate inherent value and find the differentiators of any idea. In the process (and without trying) she will help you discover the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Susan Krejci

Susan Krejci


Susan is our Chief Product Officer at BizLove. She built her career holding leadership positions in corporate strategy, innovation, customer experience and transformation in Fortune 100 businesses.

As a strategic advisor and coach, Susan is adept at making sense of the mess. Known for using insightful questions and business acumen to contextualize leaders’ experiences, you can count on her to create clarity and bring simplicity to even the most complex problems.